PERMINOV SERGEY 1993 Kirov, Kirovskaya Russia. I received a message from this painter asking me to give him an opinion and evaluation about his art work. It took me quite some time to analyze and give a proper art opinion. This is it. First of all, I would like to present you this young artist from Kirov, Kirovskaya Russia. His name is Perminov Sergey and he is just 24 years old. He sent me the pictures of his paintings and I stood for a while looking at them trying to decipher the correct words to express my gratitude for being able to give my opinion on this fine art. It seems that the artist knows the essential of art and his culture. His paintings exhibit this kind of knowledge that only a true artist knows. He shows, with a perfect technique, the importance of his people throughout his paintings. In them, he expresses the value, courage, ambition, and a clear image of his Russian culture, as well his people. The way he uses the exact technique gives him the idea of expressing his art, the way he conciliates his ideology by painting not only what it was years or decades ago, but the ideology of returning to his people the strength to continue making history as a way for future generations to understand the real meaning of art, culture and Russian history. His composition is unique and precise, that gives him what it takes to be a natural born artist. The way he uses and chooses colors; the way he traces a house, a street, a landscape, or a building; the way he uses the brush to give life to all of his elements, gives us the power to comprehend the real intention of art, in this case, the real intention of Sergey about his art. Sergey is a very talented young man searching for the correct and exact definition of his own art, this new art approach gives him the opportunity to create a great ideal of art, not only by reproducing what others have done, but giving a new look on painting. The last thing that I would like to express is to encourage him to continue doing and creating art. And now he knows that from Mexico I really appreciate his art, and also, I appreciate the importance of my opinion about his wonderful art. Sergey, keep doing this because it's the only way we can do something to chance the world we have into a better and artistic one. I'm really glad to fine young people like Sergey, because then I know it is time for them and let them trace a second point of view towards arts. Abyss Borboa Olivera Director General Búnker Cultural & Teatro del Abismo Tijuana, B. C. México. June 2017. 

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